Die alte Dame mit dem Hirst / The old lady with the Hirst

KOPENHAGEN. Ok, let’s write it in English. COPENHAGEN. It is impossible not to be aware of: Damien Hirst opens a huge (what else?) show in London (Tate off course), just weeks after he showed his spot paintings in all branches of the Gagosian gallery chain. If I remember right I saw a work by him for the first time at Astrup Fearnley in Oslo, but it might also have been in Cologne. However, while London is preparing for this huge show his biggest spot painting is hanging in Copenhagen, Denmark. And almost nobody knows. An autumn day last year Danish, but London based collector and heiress Jytte Dresing took Jay Jopling and Damien Hirst to Copenhagen in order to donate the world’s so far biggest spot painting to the Arken museum, located just outside Copenhagen. Unfortunately people cared much less than the patron and the museum probably had hoped and despite me no international journalist came to the presentation of the piece. Well, you can think what you want about that work, but it was a theatrical presentation Dresing gave when entering the room accompanied by two of the most powerful man in the art world (who did walk half a meter behind here at least it seemed to me like that, each was on one of her sides). Pity, Michel Houellebecq was not there.

However, in The Art Newspaper we had only very little space to announce this donation. After all it is one of thousands. But fortunately I could write a longer story for German art, which can be read here.


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